Are You Headed To Yucatan?

While many of your friends are headed to places like theme parks and local beaches, perhaps you have more exotic travels in mind. Yucatan! If you've been to Yucatan before, you probably knew you'd want to return again and again. If you've never been to Yucatan in the past, prepare to become part of the magic. 

Do you have your travel plans made already? If not, from arranging for Maya Yucateco translation to knowing what to do in Yucatan, here are some ideas that might help you.

Arrange For Maya Yucateco Language Translation

If you'll be part of a group, you probably won't need a translator, as your guide will speak beautiful English. But what's the fun in that, right? If you are the adventuresome type, maybe you have decided to have a personal guide with you. The guide will speak English, of course, but what happens when you go into places like museums, stores, and marketplaces where the people who work there don't speak English? Maybe you speak Spanish. That actually won't help a lot.

Before you even leave the United States, arrange through your travel agent to have a guide who speaks the Maya Yucateco language. He or she will be happy to accompany you pretty much anywhere you'll want to go. If you want to go to a marketplace to see the different kinds of produce that are available, your guide can translate every word that is spoken by salespeople into English.

Will you have children with you? If so, you'll love that the guide/translator will have the kind of personality that the kids will love. Don't be surprised if the translator teaches you and your children some words in the Maya Yucateco language. For example, the guide might teach you that Dios bo'otik means Thank you in English. 

Hiring a person to translate Maya Yucateco for you might be some of the most fun money you'll ever spend on a trip.

Things To Do In Yucatan

You more than likely already know to go to the magnificent beaches. Your goal of the trip might have been to visit Chichen Itza. But there's so much more to do and to see.

For example, be sure to snorkel with wild turtles. Also, try to eat local cuisine in the little town of Valladolid. One of your favorite side trips might be to Izamal, where almost everything is painted yellow.

And, of course, shop for souvenirs. Your translator can help with that, too.