3 Things You Can Do With An English Degree

Graduating with a degree in English can leave you with a fancy degree but not always a lot of job prospects. Although you learned a lot about the English language, literature, and how to write correctly, finding a job that involves an English degree can sometimes be a bit tricky. But, before you give up on your hopes of using your English degree, this article will take a closer look at three things that you can do with it. Ready to learn more about how you can use your degree? If so, then read on. 

1. English Editing

Editing for people whose second or third language is English is a great way to use all of your skills. When people are learning new languages, it's difficult for them to learn things like basic grammar, sentence structure, and more. Try reaching out to a nonprofit organization that specializes in helping people learn English and see if they need your help. Or, you can reach out to a school that specializes in teaching adults English and see if you can help them edit papers. 

2. English Writing

In addition to editing things for people who are learning English, you can also teach writing to people who are learning the language. The great thing about teaching writing is that depending on where you are teaching, you may not need to specialize in teaching or need a certificate. For instance, if you are dealing with a nonprofit, you can teach people a variety of things such as how to use punctuation, grammar, and spelling. 

3. Write Resumes

Resumes are the first thing that many employers look at before they invite people in for an interview. When people are writing resumes, they tend to make a lot of mistakes, such as having run-on sentences and grammatical errors. With your English degree, you can help people whose first, second, or third language is English write their resumes. By going through everyone's resumes, you can help make them look more professional and even make a little bit of money doing this. 

Graduating with a degree but not having a job prospect can be beyond frustrating and can make you feel let down. Consider looking into one of these jobs so that you can use your English degree. To learn more about teaching writing, editing, or writing resumes, reach out to some organizations like textranch and see if they can help you out.